Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Toga Down


A lucky thirteen posted for a beautiful morning in sunny (#TheGloom) south-side Richmond.  Some new methods were embraced with some likely to fall by the wayside.


Mosey to back lot for warm-up COP:

20 squat jacks, 15 merkins, 20 Russian March, 20 windmills

Mosey to back soccer field for:

Bear crawl to midfield, run to finish, rinse and repeat

Wheel barrow to midfield, run to finish, rinse and repeat

Backwards run all the way and run back

Mosey to bleachers for team 3 check: 10 steps up ea leg, 10 derkins, 10 LBC run across soccer field and repeat 3x:  STAY WITH YOUR TEAM ALL THE WAY

#SheHateMe 3 min

Mosey to main lot for 10x side burpees, 20x reverse renegades



In Toga’s exuberance to work on having the PAX move more as a team, there were some #EpicFail moments.  Exhibit 1: Toga tripped over his own laces (Note: 2nd time F3 incident).  Exhibit 2: Toga drove the PAX across a drainage ditch where there was a perfectly good bridge a few yards away.  Fun was still had by all, and we’ll be going for the full SheHateMe next time.  There was also a welcome, surprise Conspiracy sighting.  It’s good to have him back during the week and helping Loose Goose with his 10k Merkin challenge.

Special Thanks to all of our Veterans.  You make this possible!


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  1. Not a single Countdown either! Just some interesting prolonged discussion on Proper Burpee and Gladiator technique.

    Weil done, with a ToGA Down!

  2. The burpee.

    Created in the 1930’s by Royal H. Burpee as an easy way to assess fitness. His burpee is a 4-count exercise. Hands down, feet back, feet in, stand up. [Wikipedia]

    However, conventionally, it is a 6-count exercise: Hand down, feet back, push-up down, push-up up, feet in, jump up. Also cited in the NY Times as “an explosive squat-push-up-leap combination.” [http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/10/fashion/crossfit-flirting-talk-burpee-to-me.html]

    The 4-count burpee is also known as a squat thrust.

    Let the flaming begin….See you Saturday.

  3. I think you dishonor the inventor if you change his exercise. I’m a traditionalist but will make sure there are plenty of opportunities for the newfangled varieties.