Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

G-Lo’s coming in hot!!!!


The PAX was twelve strong on a starry morning in RVA. Highlight of the morning came early as G-Lo descended on the AO. As he was parking, he nailed the curb and screeched the brakes ala Jim Carey, in Ace Ventura — “Got a package people, coming through”!


The Thang


Bleeder at Q


Mosey to field. Bleeder smoked himself on the 100+ yard mosey and could hardly recite the disclaimer. Bleeder claims it was the cold, YHC thinks it had more to do with conditioning (you be the judge).


20x SSH

15x Merkins

15x Low squats

17x LBC

25x Mountain Climber


Mosey to tennis courts. Line up at baseline


Down and back at 50% effort

Down and back at 70% effort

Down at 100% effort

Plank O Rama (regular, right hand high, left hand high, etc, etc)

Down and back 50% effort

Down and back 70% effort

Back at 100% effort.

Plank o Rama


Mosey to soccer field. Tom Sawyer on the iPhone blasting, lunges across and back on soccer field until song ends.


Q to TYA


Mosey to tree line


11’s at the trees, burpees and LBC


Mosey to side of school


25x windmills

15x merkins


Mosey to far side of school


Six minutes of Mary

Flutter kicks


Freddy mercury

Hello Dolly



Mosey back to shovel flag




Welcome to FNG Air Bag, he acquitted himself well.  Lugnut EH’ed him into coming and then was a no show.  He had an Ok excuse as he was off to do some racing Thang in VA/NC.  #redneck


Sad day at the AO.  Today was the final day of the Tomatoes work outs. Bleeder has been stalking the group and found out that it’s too cold going forward to work out outside.   We will miss them until spring comes along.  Always good to have company in the Gloom


At the post workout gathering TYA tried to justify his lack of push-ups during burpees by saying he looked them up on the “Internet” and that push ups are not an official part of them.  He said burpees with push up are called gladiators.  Wow, you can find out a ton on the “internet”.   Donor Kebob explained that the push up part was easy part of the burpee because you just use your momentum to do the down part of the push up, so all you have left is the up part.


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