Saturday, February 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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YHC wasn’t sure he was going to make it out this morning, due to feeling less than optimal, but escaped the fartsack and was a LIFO to his own Q. Lucky for YHC, only one other person showed up, 8 Ball, and YHC was able to catch up to him during one of the loops in our route. Lots of good conversation–it’s always great to have a chance to get to know our F3 brothers just a little bit more. YHC and 8 Ball rucked a little over 3 miles in a steady rain. As usual I have No Idea…

4 Davillians including one FNG enjoy a cold raining ruck morning. Two different routes were taken around/behind the schools and into Honey Meadows. YHC got in 3 miles and the rest of the crew just under Welcome to Fish Launcher who heard about use from his brother in F3 Memphis. SPIT ON THAT!!

Mudface and YHC rucked/walked for 3 miles this morning, not much else happened.  Still more exciting than the Super Bowl.  Drew Brees and Co. would have scored at least 21 last night!  Who Dat! As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

7 Davillians including 2 2.0s set out for another morning ruck/walk. This is how it went down ROUTES Main Group (Mudface, No Idea, Pinky and the 2.0’s) – Hit the trails and a loop around Honey Meadows for around 3 miles. Rounders and Spit – The School Loop x 2 to get in a 5k MOLESKIN YHC arrived at 5:25 to find the main group already heading out. Thinking it was going to be a repeat of a few weeks ago, YHC got his Ruck sack ready to head out solo. Luckily Rounders came in hot and sack that would…

3 Davillians out for a breezy ruck this morning. The Garmin app show 18 degrees at the start. Mudface and No Idea came prepared with their face masks while YHC couldn’t find his. YHC had to call it short about 10 minutes today due to M needing to leave for work early. Still got in about 2.5 miles at around 15:30 pace Mudface and No Idea  put in a little overtime and got in around 3 miles If you are planning to do GrowRuck in March, come out on Mondays to get in your miles! SPIT ON THAT!!

1 Davillians decided to trek out on this snow covered morning to keep preparing for GrowRuck YHC got in about 2 miles at around 17 minute mile pace Nice cool morning with only your thoughts and God by your side SPIT ON THAT!!

6 Davillians including 2 2.0’s got their Monday started off right with a little stroll through the gloom Mudface and YHC had their ruck sacks ready while the rest of the PAX walked along side YHC was running behind so he didn’t pull up to the parking lot till 5:29 to find the PAX already heading out. I guess they are not on Garmin time. After catching up, YHC kept the same pace and headed into Honey Meadows. After turning around at the halfway point, YHC noticed the rest of the PAX had taken a different route. Then arriving back…

4 men clambered out of the fartsack and rucked/walked on the final day of 2018.  Spit and Pinky put in 3 miles at a 17:30 pace, Mudface and No Idea meandered around for about the same, not sure of the pace.  And then there’s this… Well, you see, this is how the gang got on the case–there was an old man, Lab Rat I think is his name, who kept telling everyone “there’s a sand volleyball court around here, I promise!”  People in these parts normally don’t pay much attention to his ramblings, as some think he’s a bit touched…

2 DaVille Ruckers made their way through the 10+ inches of snow to enjoy a stroll through the winter wonderland. Mumble Chatter was not in short supply with LabRat present. Everything from the snow to current shows everyone was watching was discuss. All we solved all life problems so your welcome. A loop around the schools and a few roundabouts to get in 2.67 miles in 50 minutes. SPIT ON THAT!!

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