Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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4 Davillians were able to avoid the Easter hangover and to get their week started off with some miles 2 under weight got out early and did their normal route the school grounds and Honey Meadows for a total of just over a 5k Scrum and YHC headed out around the cross country trails, up to the Honey Meadow Estates, through the trails of the neighborhood, then headed back for 4.35 miles As always it was Sunny and 70 SPIT ON THAT!!

2 men with noble purpose set forth for the first ever stealth ruck. YHC and Mudface, clad in non-reflective black clothing, tromped quietly through the pre-dawn stillness, talking loudly of feats past and imagined, logging a little over 3 miles in the gloom. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

4 Davillians including a recent FNG got out to enjoy the spring weather and to get some miles in. YHC arrived to find two cars already in the parking lot but only recognizing one of them. Hustler showed up for his first workout in DaVille. Glad to have him join us this morning. No Idea gave Mudface a hard time for not introducing himself to Hustler at the beginning. Of course Mudface had some sort of response to that. YHC decided to run today since the 10k is this weekend getting in 3 miles then some parking lot sprints. The…

YHC showed up to Tomato Run and quickly figured out it would be a solo ruck. Mudface is out of town on business, and YHC later learned Spit’s household was besieged by a stomach bug. YHC set off at a pretty fast clip, mainly because it was cold and the pace made it slightly less so. 3 miles later, with nary another soul (F3 or other) sighted, the day was off to a good start. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

3 men shucked the fart sack and donned the ruck sack on a beautiful 55 degree morning. Rounders joined YHC and Mudface, and set a very brisk pace with a very heavy (55 pound) pack. While getting in 3 miles, much was discussed, including what irritates us and what amuses us, interrupted by a lot of vigorous 4th F announcements—a LOT. We felt sorry for the runners going in the opposite direction. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

3 Rucking Davillians decided to challenge themselves this morning with the Sandbag Mile. Each PAX member to turns tossing (two handed, overhead, or one handed) a 50+ pound sandbag down the road and back with ruck sacks on. Due to time we had to cut sort the distance about a 1/10 of a mile Mudface the great encourager he is, made sure we knew it if we didn’t meet what he thought should be a minimum of 5 feet toss. Eric (aka the sandbag sack) survived the trip! SPIT ON THAT!!

5 PAX including 2 hardy 2.0’s, made it out for a rucking good time at TR. YHC and Mudface, trailed closely by Pinky, Fife and Red, put in a little over 3 miles on a cold and very windy morning. Nice job guys! As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

6 Davillians got in some time under weight on a breezy Monday morning Mudface and No Idea took most of the PAX around Honey Meadows since the trails are to wet for 3.2 miles in around 55 minutes YHC wanted a change of scenery and headed out onto Atlee Station Rd, across the bridge for a loop around Rutland. Getting in 3 miles and with a copy of spurt of running, finished in 45 minutes Any Ruckers out there are always welcome to to make to trip to DaVille on Mondays! SPIT ON THAT!!

YHC wasn’t sure he was going to make it out this morning, due to feeling less than optimal, but escaped the fartsack and was a LIFO to his own Q. Lucky for YHC, only one other person showed up, 8 Ball, and YHC was able to catch up to him during one of the loops in our route. Lots of good conversation–it’s always great to have a chance to get to know our F3 brothers just a little bit more. YHC and 8 Ball rucked a little over 3 miles in a steady rain. As usual I have No Idea…

4 Davillians including one FNG enjoy a cold raining ruck morning. Two different routes were taken around/behind the schools and into Honey Meadows. YHC got in 3 miles and the rest of the crew just under Welcome to Fish Launcher who heard about use from his brother in F3 Memphis. SPIT ON THAT!!

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