Wednesday, December 12
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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2 DaVille Ruckers made their way through the 10+ inches of snow to enjoy a stroll through the winter wonderland. Mumble Chatter was not in short supply with LabRat present. Everything from the snow to current shows everyone was watching was discuss. All we solved all life problems so your welcome. A loop around the schools and a few roundabouts to get in 2.67 miles in 50 minutes. SPIT ON THAT!!

2 Davillians arrived at Atlee HS on warm first Monday in December to get in their miles This is how it went down: Mudface grabbed his ruck sack and headed down to Honey Meadows and back for 2.5ish miles YHC went to Honey Meadows as well. Did a lap around the Estates, hit the small trail passed the clubhouse pond then back for 3ish miles Some mumble chatter was had prior to starting to determine if No Idea would be joining us. SPIT ON THAT!!

2 DaVillians showed up for Tomato Run, so here’s what happened.  We ran 100 sprints, did 50 merkins in between each one, so 5000 merkins which means we won the challenge with over 10 days left….then ran 5 miles at a 4:30 pace (we were tired from all the merkins). After all of that, we ran/walked about 3 miles.  And commented on feeling like it seemed to be 30 degrees, not 40. You weren’t there, can’t prove YHC wrong.  🙂 As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

YHC and Mudface, and no one else, hauled ourselves to Tomato Run for one last lazy Monday.  We rucked/walked about 3 miles. NMS – YHC and Mudface signed up for the Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle course on 5/4/19, and need to start running rather than rucking to prepare, so today was the last non-running TR for us.  Halcyon days indeed.  Any F3 brothers who want to join us for the Rugged Maniac, please contact myself or Mudface. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

3 Davillians arrived to winter like temperatures for another addition of the Tomato Run. Mudface and No Idea did their 3 mile walk/ruck up and down the trails. YHC tried something new. Out across Atlee station rd up to the Bojangles. Cut across the Kroger parking lot and out to Chamberlayne briefly then right back onto old Atlee Station. Left into Craney Island Estates (the home of The Carpenter and Opus) then stop at The Carpenter house for 25 SSH’s. Loop up the neighborhood to Opus’ house for 25 Smurf jacks. Head back to Atlee station then back to the…

YHC and Mudface did our usual 3 miles, him rucking and YHC slacking.  Didn’t see anyone else in the gloom, apologies if we missed you.  Mumblechatter was about our looking forward to the cooler temps and other things.  It’s also getting to be the time where we’ll need the headlamp just to keep from falling over roots et. al. as we traverse the trails. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

2 davillians posted this morning for a Tomato Run but neither knew the other was there until halfway through. YHC started out a lonely run in the midst of the mist at around 5:30.  Behind school, honey meadows, KC, turn around and head back.  Got to back of CSES and said Hi to this crazy guy walking the other way.  Mudface!  Joy abounded as we met up and leisurely made it back to Atlee. Numbers, Names, etc. NMS — Unbeknownst to Mudface, YHC had been trying to figure out the best place to ‘let nature do its due diligence’ back…

3 Davillians stumbled out of the fartsack and put in some miles this morning, and it seems like fall may be starting to make it’s presence known, as temps weren’t feeling bad at all.  YHC and Mudface did our normal ruck walk for a little over 3 miles, while Phonics put in a skosh over 5 miles of running.  YHC apologizes, but I have no clue about Phonic’s route.  Mudface and YHC did our typical behind the schools and into Honey Meadows loop, had to skip the trail today, unfortunately. As usual, I have No Idea what I’m doing.

5 DaVillans arrived at a much needed cooler start of the week to get in some miles Routes were as follows: Mudface and No Idea headed out for their 3 Mile ruck. They did hit the trails which they mentioned later was a bad idea. Rounders, Mayhem, and YHC headed out onto Atlee Station and over the bridge. Mayhem got behind and decided to head back for a couple laps around the parking lot. Rounders and YHC turned back at the Bojangles, check on Mayhem, then headed for a loop around the schools and part of Honey Meadows to get…

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