Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Four Horsemen attacked the trails during probably the most gorgeous evening we have had in 2019! Various start times and routes were taken including: Husky and YHC started early and got in some miles with an out and back on the North Bank. Swirly ran the whole 7+ mile loop starting with the North Bank and crossing the T. Pott to Buttermilk and back across the Nickel Bridge. TYA’s truck was in the parking lot, but as of this writing, YHC has not heard back from him. We may have to go find him later this evening. Good thing it’s…

Three studs attacked the hills of Roller Coaster last night and here is how it went down. Offshore – Ruck loops = Boom ! TYA – 2 long loops, 1 short loop. Swirly – 1 long loop, 1 medium loop, 1 short loop. Well done guys – beautiful night for a run!

Five warriors braved the cold and wind on Wednesday afternoon for a few hills. Kubota and Husky did a few loops with the ruck sack.  Swirly pumped in a smorgasbord of routes (1 long, 1 medium and 1 short), Chum ran from Mary Mumford and then did a few short loops, TYA rucked 3 loops, then did a long and a short loop running.  Upchuck signaled he was running and then did not post. Chum posted to a Wednesday run for the first time in a while.  He and Jville are prepping for an April 50k. TYA Out.

4 studs posted for Roller Coaster this evening and here is how it went down. Kubota and Husky – ruck loops = boom! TYA – Late night run = boom ! Swirly – 5 short loops = Shorty’s – boom ! Well done guys – t -shirt weather run in January – can’t beat it! Anybody thinking about BRR this year – then come on out and join us for some extra hill work! See y’all in the gloom.

6 studs attacked the hills of TYA’s hood on a pleasant Wednesday evening. First up was TYA who completed 2 big loops and 1 small loop for a little over 5 miles. Next to post was Swiper who completed several small loops only to finish the evening with a big loop for a little over 6 miles. Husky and YHC rolled in next and rucked 2.25 miles Last but not least was Swirly and Vinny who completed 1 big, 1 medium and 1 small loop for around 5 miles. Nice crowd for a Roller Coaster run in the middle of…

A fearless five descended and ascended the hills that are affectionately named “Roller Coaster”.  The air was cold, the camaraderie warm, and we are all better for the miles traversed. Kubota and Husky rucked two miles with Husky along for a one mile run/walk. TYA and Swirly went for the hat trick of one large, 1 XL, and one small loops. YHC picked them up for the XL and small loops. Time to Taper, Lockjaw

Four posted on the first Wednesday of the year.  Kubota and Husky did the short loop, Kubota with a Ruck on.  It was a beautiful night. Upchuck posted at 530 as is he norm…the rest launched at 500.  Fun was had by all. TYA OUT

No, not “underweight”, but under weight, as in, YHC feels like he has had extra weight on him for the last few days.  Starting at his Gridiron Q last Saturday, YHC was under the weight of two bricks, this morning YHC was under the weight of Spit’s cinder block, all during the Christmas holiday, he was under the weight of excess amounts of food and this evening, he was under the weight of the rucksack! Husky and YHC did 2 short loops with some offshoots for about 2.25 miles.  YHC under the weight of 6 bricks in the backpack (~30lbs)…

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