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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

YHC has no idea how to add to this website anymore (probably need to Q more often). Picture three PAX – two “respects – Beaker & Aisle 5” and Wilson for a comfortable yet challenging 3.73 mile walk at 6am. The topics were…………….all over the place and Aisle 5 kept us laughing. Finished strong with three old men talking about everything over a strong cup of coffee. As Flatline says – you’ll know if you were there!

YHC and Honeymoon hit the roads for a planned 6 at 6 but he brought a newbie to Sunday OTB. His pup Annie got up with him and came with us. After a little positioning issue with Annie used to running on Honeymoon’s left and on wider roads we settled in to a groove. New route through Charter Colony, JTCC and the Grove finishing with the Woolridge hill that is tougher than it seems. The roads were quiet but the humidity is coming. Next Sunday is doubtful since it’s Easter and YHC has plans for early family breakfast.

3 PAX disregarded the fartsack and weather to run in the very early morning gloom. With no rain at 4 we took to North Bank to Browns Island. We then chose to not push our luck, head up to Main street and head West to meet up with that other Pre-Dogpile group. 7 miles when we reached ETs. NMS- Running the trails in the dark was awesome this morning, as it always is. Thanks to Vinny and Shakedown for showing up for this first one. Next Early Risers will be in May. Come out to give it a try. Also…

As YHC approached the AO, the fog thickened. Happy to find 2 SOJ men ready to hit the roads. Normal route planned through the mines but between the good conversation and fog a turn was missed so we skipped the mines. Around Midlothian with an extra lap around the lake. The hill coming up from the lake is a good one, somehow we usually manage to miss that hill. Great run, excellent fellowship during and afterward. Thanks for the company guys.

4 men started their Sunday off right with some running and rucking. 2 for an out and back to Timberwolf and 2 for a ruck around Midlothian. A short stop for coffee at Urban Farmhouse afterwards made for a great start to the day. Off the books is unofficially back on now, if you want to run early on Sunday touch base with Honeymoon or I, no guarantees we’ll be there but we’ll try. Wilson and Recall can be convinced to do a little rucking from there too.

It was sunny and the river sparkled, but the wind nearly blew us off the Potterfield Bridge during our lunchtime run. YHC’s Garmin, source of all truth, logged 4.5 miles. Apparently part of Lab Rat’s job is to keep a washing machine running. Doesn’t sound like much until you find out it would cost more to replace than the cost of the median house price in Richmond. YHC learned far more about industrial washing machines than he ever thought possible.

At 2:00 pm sharp YHC’s Webelos den set out to complete the Stronger, Faster, Higher requirement.  Joined by Honey Do, Ronnie, and a couple of other parents, YHC led nine Webelos to roundabout #2. COP was handed to Honey Do for Merkins Helicopters SSH LBC 5 Burpees Mosey to the Penny Stage for Touch a Tree.  Partner up and chase down 6 trees while your partner does Donkey Kicks and BTTW.  Swap and work through 4 new trees and finish with 2 trees. Back to Lockjaw as we head to the Rusty Cage.  See which of the scouts could make…

Three downtown runners assembled at lunch for a quick run. Lab Rat was held up by work awhile, so YHC and Shakedown ran several laps before picking up Lab Rat. Route was our standard path…down to the 9th Street Bridge from the Capital, across and then along the river, back across the Potterfield Bridge and  up to the Capital. Lab Rat put in about 3.5 miles, Shakedown 4.5 miles and YHC 7 miles. Come join us if you are downtown and available Wednesdays at lunch.

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