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Urban Farmhouse Midlothian

Three downtown runners assembled at lunch for a quick run. Lab Rat was held up by work awhile, so YHC and Shakedown ran several laps before picking up Lab Rat. Route was our standard path…down to the 9th Street Bridge from the Capital, across and then along the river, back across the Potterfield Bridge and  up to the Capital. Lab Rat put in about 3.5 miles, Shakedown 4.5 miles and YHC 7 miles. Come join us if you are downtown and available Wednesdays at lunch.

Flatline came out to join the merry runners of Before Noon DLite today, unfortunately for him it was an off day. Shakedown was first on the scene to greet him, in work clothes because he forgot his shorts. Lab Rat did his best, which is not saying much.  We almost got 3 miles in before I had to slow it down to a walk do to feeling pretty shaky and dizzy.  As Flatline put it, “it’s a good thing you are running with a nurse”…which made me feel better.  Then he told me about the 3 patients that died this…

For all of those who are interested and available to go with me, I am planning a trip to Wilmington, NC to assist in hurricane Florence recovery and donate time and goods for the weekend of 10/26-10/28.  Here is the basic plan: Friday 10/26: Load up the trucks and leave Hampton Roads after work (approx. 6pm). Drive to my in-laws’ house in Angier, NC (arrive approx. 9:30pm).  They have plenty of room for anyone that wants to come (they can comfortably house about 15 visitors).  We will spend the night there. Saturday 10/27: Get up early on Saturday morning to…

3 SOJ regulars eschewed the late finish of the Hokies-Irish game and conveined at Urban Farmhouse for some miles, just under 6 miles were slayed.  Coffee/Tea was ingested.  Sweat rolled profusely.  Apologies to any UF visitors who sat in those chairs later in the day. Great times.  Thanks Rosie & Honeymoon.

The river is running high and it’s warm out so two warriors took to the trails Thang Buttermilk then north bank. 7 miles.  NMS This was Tippecanoe’s first ever Trail Run and I have been looking forward to getting him out there for some time.  His cross country coach wanted them to do an easy 6 miles this weekend –  I guess he got the bonus plan . 9:15 min miles on the trail are easy, right?  

2 troopers gathered in the fall heat for a 7 mi run. Route is the main drag through Church Run, Windsor Place and Wellesley neighborhoods connected by three chopt road. Nice 8 min pace. YHC took us out.

The three regulars got together for some exertion therapy this morning.  The usual route was taken and some things got aired out.  At the end, one pax exclaimed the back blast title and the other two nodded in agreement. Lab Rat apologizes…

2 BRR preppers, 1 summer tourist hit Off the Books on a cool Sunday morning.  The route started as the typical Mines route but YHC wanted to check out a new path and we ended up finding a hidden path that led to the back of SOT.  At Honeymoon’s suggestion we headed into Salisbury and latched on to a route that Offshore found familiar from the Century Classic.  Although he didn’t run it Offshore remembered the stretch of the Twin Team to SOT route that Lab Rat and others ran.  He was also able to find the point where Lab…

A Solo Summer tour traveler came out to run. Yhc had no idea where he was going so did some coal field to midlothian loops and tried not to get lost. Check this one off the challenge list.

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