Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Wind Blew in an Altar Boy


8 veterans posted to SOT, including one visitor from Columbia, SC. All were expecting warmer and dryer conditions. Well, we got dryer, but the wind was brisk. 0530, time to mosey, around the back of the school to find some shelter for COP, including:

  • DQs
  • Helicopters
  • SSHs
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Copperhead Squats
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Flutter Kicks

Time to take on the wind and mosey downhill to the facilities building and partner up for a Dora


Partner 1 runs up the hill to the top and does 1 Burpee then runs back down. Partner 2 exercises. Flapjack and repeat until all exercises are done. Together complete 100 merkins, 200 squats and 300 2-ct Freddie Mercuries (those added up!).

Plank-o-Rama for the Six, then some Plank-o-Rama together as a PAX, including Alternating Shoulder Taps and some Elbow Plank time and some Hello Dolly and Rosalita.

Mosey 1 lap around the track and back to the wall

Wall Sit/Donkey Kick sets

1 minute wall sit and 20 DKs OYO. Repeat x2

Tennis Court 4 Corners

Corner 1 – 10 HRMs

Corner 2 – 10 HRMs, 20 Jump Squats

Corner 3 – 10 HRMs, 20 Jump Squats, 30 2-ct Mountain Climbers

Corner 4 – 10 HRMs, 20 Jump Squats, 30 2-ct Mountain Climbers, 40 SSHs

Run between corners 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. Side shuffle between 2 and 3 and 4 and 1.

Al Gore for the six and then 1 extra minute in Touchdown Al Gore

6 MOM:

Six-inch ROF – hold 6 inches, when it is your turn do 10 HTH, pass it along.


Box Cutters IC

American Hammers IC

COT, Number-Rama, Name-A-Rama and YHC took us out


  • Grow Ruck – See HoneyDo
  • Is there a puppy pile on the books for this month?
  • Prayers for Rosie’s Father-in-Law who is having heart surgery today. Hope all goes well and that he has a speedy recovery.
  • Continued prayers for Greenbow and his wife for relief from the recent illness and a smooth delivery of baby #3.


That wind cut like a knife, so a little shelter was needed for COP, but after that it was into the elements and time to work. The Dora got the blood flowing nicely. Tobit and Bullseye absolutely destroyed the PAX on the Dora. Well done men. Great working with Limehouse on that!

Always fun to have a visitor, and Altar Boy fit right in and substituted nicely for DK (who stayed in the sack) with an astrology lesson for the group. Great job today Altar Boy. Stop in again if you are in town.

Also great to see Doozy back out after his sniper attack during River Run on Monday. Apologies for the Donkey Kicks – probably not good for the toe. But, Doozy plowed through it all in his quiet and determined way. Well don, sir.

Thanks for letting me lead. Until next…

No More Gumbo For You!


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