Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Yup, just pick one


3 Hard Core Amigos arrived at Source of Truth this morning with a welcomed smile that the temp was slightly warmer and there was nothing on the ground. And before 0530 arrived, a Hot Potato Q was called. Mosey around the school for a warm up lap with the COP at the bus loop.

COP- x 15 SSH, x 20 Plank Jacks, x 15 Helicopters, x 20 Flutter kicks. Cooling off sucks so time to move on!

Exercise 1- at each door, there is a number. Starting at far entrance near the gym,  merkins for corresponding number on the door. Run to the next door. American Hammers for corresponding number. Run to the next door. Switch, repeat till 3 Amigos made it to the backside of school, door 25. Q handed over to Doozy. Mosey down to the track

Exercise 2- 25 Merkins, run 200 meters, 25 Mountain Climbers, run 200 meters, 25 WW II situps, run 200 meters, 25 Dead Cockroaches, run 200 meters, 25 Flutter Kicks, run 200 meters, 25 Copperhead Squats, run 200 meters, 10 Burpees, run 200 meters, 25 Cotton Pickers, run 200 meters……and 1 mile done, BOOM! Q handed off to Mr. Roper. Mosey over to fieldhouse.

At corner of fieldhouse, 25 Merkins run to the other side. 25 Flutter Kicks run to original start point. 25 Mountain climbers, run to point B, 25 Reverse Crunches. Run back to point A. 25 Donkey Kicks, run to point B, 10 Burpees. Back to the flag with 1 minute to spare. Ring of Fire-Delta Merkins x 10. BOOM, 0615!

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements- T shirt order on F3 Gear site or See Dr. TH. 1st Annual F3 RVA retreat in Sept, see preblast.

Mr. Roper took us out.

NMS: YHC had the Q this morning so it was a perfect time to throw out a Hot Potato Q. Excellent work this morning men. Doozy, just pick an exercise and roll. Keep the PAX moving is always a good thing. Mr. Roper, way to take us out this morning.

Aaayyy…..those moments in college or high school and we think life is so hard. Where are we partying this weekend? Who is buying the beer or high test stuff? Those choices seem so difficult. YHC will just say that I am blessed there was a platoon of guardian angels there to protect! Boys, count your blessings, give thanks, strive to be better, and spread THAT light.

Only those who post understand!

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  1. Flatline –

    I’m looking at the lexicon and getting my list of go to exercises together. That’s the second Hot Potato that I wasn’t ready for, thanks for picking up the slack and throwing out suggestions.

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