Saturday, February 23
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Guatemalan MumbleChatter


YHC woke up at 0520 to some extremely loud noise outside of window.  YHC knew he was going back to sleep so YHC woke TYA for a run.  We covered a little over 4 miles and experienced some of the craziest weather.

NMS : YHC still does not know what the loud sound was, but it made sure YHC was up for the last run of the week.  With the long work week complete, YHC and TYA knew we would not much time for another workout, with plans for criss-crossing Guatemala to explore ancient Mayan ruins, zip-lining, and travel home.  As we left our home base, the PAX took a left at the main road and continued uphill for a little more than 2 miles.  As we progressed up in elevation, we experienced running through the middle of many clouds, causing increased difficult visibility conditions.  Additionally, the temps dropped dramatically to the point where YHC wished he had gloves and long sleeves.  Upon seeing two crazy men, some of the villagers asked the PAX jokingly if we were hot, as the villagers were bundled up in winter coats and caps.  Guatemalan mumblechatter from the natives.  Not to be outdone in the mumblechatter, TYA responded in kind.  TYA responded in Spanish, so YHC assumes he was being a smart ass.

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