Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Colonial200 Backblast


Disclaimer: This backblast is not meant to be a complete recount of this past weekends festivities, only YHC’s recollection of the highlights. PAX, please add your memories to the comment section.

The Thang

Distance: 205.6 miles. # of legs: 36 legs. Time: 28 h 51 min. Memories: Priceless.

Naked Man Moleskin (NMM)

Gunner showing up with converter block with enough USB ports to charge a small army’s portable devices.

Naming of our two Friendly New Vehicles (FNVs). YHC especially like “Mladshiy” (Russian for Junior) for our running SUV.

3For1 spending 30 minutes (slight exageration) picking out a Gatorade at the Rest Area not realizing there were 30 Gatorades in the van.

Stopping at said Rest Area not because anyone needed to, but just because it was there 😉

Realizing a double wide had 10 beds. No one had to share. No one had to sleep on the couch.

Rolling up to the start line in the pitch dark and seeing the Trons (lighted vests) ready to run.

Jacked on adrenaline, putting ourselves almost an hour ahead of pace during the first 8 legs.

Priorities having to switch planes in Chicago.

Priorities making to his first leg with 10 minutes to spare.

Cowboy making it to his first leg with 5 minutes to spare. Running up to the exchange zone to meet Priorities.

CanJam at exchange zone #12.

YHC getting some amazing sleep at the fire department.

PAX receiving a police escort while running.

Sheetz coffee.

Taking at 2 hour hiatus at exchange zone #24. This was communicated with the race director. This effectively moved us from being a 6:00 a.m. start team to an 8:00 a.m. start team.

During hiatus, locations to lay down were varied (hammock, van rows, on top of luggage, across captain seats, outside in sleeping bag, etc.).

Restarting race at 1:33 a.m. Left exchange zone #24 behind two teams (race time) and four teams (actual time).

Free Fall taking down his longest leg at 3:00 a.m. Asking for gloves while running. Knowing exactly where they were. It was rather cold.

Screen Door crushing his 10.46 mile leg (the longest leg in the race).

The overly hyped exchange zone #30. They had coffee, assorted snacks, a MICROWAVE (for breakfast burritos), and clean bathrooms. We were a little early for the sausage they were making.

Seeing SpaceMonkey coming into Exchange Zone #32 (end of leg 32) with the overall lead. The race was a head-to-head race between us and one other team at this point.

Spit holding his own against the other team’s fastest runner in leg 33.

Gunner hustling the short and fast 2.2 mile leg 34.

YHC just trying not to give up the lead during leg 35. Sprinting down the back side of the bridge to hand off to BatDoc.

BatDoc, with Screen Door as a companion runner, finishing off the race.

Result: 1st overall with a time of 28 hours and 51 minutes (8:25/mi. pace). 2nd place only four minutes behind (8:26 pace).

FiA Hampton Roads finishing the C70.

Meeting everyone’s family at the post-race party, Moe’s, and more CanJam.

Circle of Trust
Study provided Thursday night at the VRBO by SpaceMonkey.

F3 Hampton Roads LAUNCHED on the peninsula 03/31/2018 at 0700. Workout every Saturday, same time, same place. Send contact information of potential men to hamptonroads@f3nation.com
F3 Hampton Roads 2018 Goals are here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FZ8D1nMGhRtymvzZMDKzH7rtQC8m-TMD/view?usp=sharing

Important Links:
QuadP Monthly Challenges: April is leg lifts. May will be the Biggest Loser.
Q Schedule: Just sign up. We can help you prepare.
F3 App (Google play or Apple App Store): This is the one-stop shop for all things F3 Hampton Roads. Download it. Get connected. (Note: Separate account from f3rva.org but the username and password can be the same



  1. What an amazing run this was! Thanks to the F3 Hampton Roads for letting me join your team. Highlights that I can remember:

    -Getting picked up at Jamestown Park on Thursday and getting to know the PAX (must of them for the first time)

    -Arriving at the location of our home Thursday night. Going to far and pulling up to a country house wondering if a old man in his underwear would be coming out with a shotgun. Finally finding our house and realizing it was a double wide. Dreamliner, 3for1, Free Fall, and myself enjoyed our pink room and bunk beds.

    -After only 4 Legs we were already 30 minutes ahead of pace. This made things interesting with picking up Proprieties for airport. Thanks to Bachelor Pad’s driving, we made it back in time for him to run Leg 9 with 15 minutes to spare

    -While running Leg 13th, I came up two large hills. Thanks for the Wednesday Night hill training with Swirly and TYA, I was well prepared.

    -Helping Bachelor Pad identify wildfire throughout the weekend. Not sure was the final count, 12 maybe?

    -Getting 8 kills to mark on the van

    -The race during the last 5 legs. Seeing Space Monkey coming off the Capitol Trail know I needed to do whatever it took to keep the race close with the Ultra team putting in there best runner with me.

    Finally this was by far beat race I have every been part of. Thanks for all the laughs and memories fellas. Happy I have 11 new brothers!

    See yawl in the gloom!

  2. Here are the highlights from my perspective:

    Being able to share an F3 CSAUP with my best friends, to include my father-in-law Cobwebs.
    Having the honor to once again get the F3 Hampton Roads show on the road by having the lead off leg.
    Keeping track of the numbers and pacing and realizing that each person was shaving minutes off of our planned pace.
    Bachelor Pad coming in hot to the exchange zone with Priorities on board (van literally sliding on gravel).
    Waiting impatiently for Cowboy to arrive and not knowing whether to hope for Priorities to run fast to add more time to our lead, or for him to give more time for Cowboy to show up.
    Cowboy having to kill a tree with Priorities in sight of the exchange zone because the bathrooms were occupied.
    Hoping Gunner would survive leg #12, which appeared to be hands down, the worst on the course.
    Expecting everyone to slow down over time, but we all managed to maintain faster than our expected pace.
    3 For 1 getting funny looks while laying down in a Food Lion parking lot waiting for pizza to be cooked.
    Getting some rest in a hammock strung between two sections of fence between legs 16 and 17.
    Running 3.75 miles blind on leg #21 due to bright lights of police escort.
    SpaceMonkey running the wrong way from the exchange zone on leg #22 in spite of the police escort.
    Rolling through the exchange between legs 22 and 23 with no volunteers in sight because we were so far ahead.
    Getting frustrated text messages from the race director because at our current pace we would reach the finish line 4 hours ahead of schedule, 2 hours ahead of the finish line even being set up, resulting in a two-hour hiatus to allow the clock and the other teams to catch up to our blisteringly fast pace.
    Enjoying a rest in my hammock at the Colonial 70 start for about 15 minutes until it got cold, resulting in Cool Runnings style layering of clothing to try and stay warm.
    Being in a port-a-potty before the 10.6 mile leg and hearing that Freefall was ahead of schedule and right around the corner, cutting short my pre-run preparations.
    Being able to run during the sunrise for the second day in a row.
    Realizing that the team we kept playing leap frog with during the last few legs was an 8 am start rather than a 7 am start like I at first thought, so we were competing for the overall win.
    Watching Dreamliner come down the backside of the bridge into the final exchange zone like a freight train and holding a significant lead.
    Finishing the final leg with BatDoc, still beating the projected pace, and crossing the finish line approximately half a mile ahead of the second place team.

    There are many more memories, but there is no way to document them all. Enjoyed every minute of it gentlemen. Look forward to the next one!

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